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You may have many questions regarding HLP so we have put together some frequently asked questions that you may find helpful.

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  • 2 years ago my pharmacy became a HLP. I believe this is only valid for 2 years. I have worked through the portfolio again and updated everything but how do I apply to become a HLP again? Has the process now changed? K, Pharmacy Manager from Huddersfield

    Dear K,

    Previously pharmacies were required to submit their Assessment of Compliance form to the Royal Society of Public Health (RSPH) who were also responsible for the quality assurance of HLPs, however they are no longer undertaking this role. If you have been a HLP for more than 2 years you will need to re-assess all the standards to make sure you still comply, which must include ensuring you still have trained Health Champions (who make up at least full-time hours) and a trained ‘Health Leader’.

    Once you’re satisfied that all the criteria have been met, a registered pharmacist or pharmacy technician will need to ‘sign off’ everything by completing and retaining a copy of the Assessment of Compliance which is available at the PSNC website. A link is available at


    Update: It was recently announced by the PSNC that the period of time for HLPs has been extended to three years before re-assessment and completion of a new Assessment of Compliance is required.

    Paul at

  • Is it possible for the same person in the pharmacy to be both the Health Leader and the Health Champion? Mohammed from Birmingham

    Dear Mohammed,

    This is a question that a number of smaller pharmacies in particular have been asking and although there is no official guidance on this, we have taken advice from the Royal Society for Public Health. Nowhere is it stipulated that the Health Champion and Health Leader have to be different people but it is strongly recommended that the Leader is a pharmacist (or a pharmacy technician perhaps in a larger pharmacy) whereas the Health Champion can be anybody else from the pharmacy team. Having two different people in the Health Leader and Health Champion roles will help you to support each other and manage the work involved with being a HLP - although it's important that all of the team feel responsible for making it a success.

    Of course, it's also important that whoever is or are your Health Champions, they must make up at least a 'full time equivalent' number of hours worked each week.
    Paul at

  • I know that we will get a 'quality payment' for becoming a Healthy Living Pharmacy but how else will being a Healthy Living Pharmacy benefit me? Eleanor from Mansfield

    Hi Eleanor,

    You're right – becoming a Healthy Living Pharmacy attracts 20% of the maximum achievable quality payment (currently £1280 per year) but becoming a HLP can be incredibly rewarding as you understand how to serve your community better. Many people who visit the pharmacy will not access any other reliable source of health advice, and this often includes those hard to reach people who are at most at risk of ill health. HLPs know what the priorities for health improvement are in their area and take action to change people's health for the better. Knowing you've made a real difference to somebody can be very satisfying but being part of an HLP also gives you the opportunity to work together with other organisations such as local authorities, CCGs and other healthcare providers.

    It's worth remembering that becoming a HLP should not mean lots of extra work; it's about using the skills of the whole team in different ways to keep people happy and healthy.
    Paul at

  • We've got a really busy pharmacy and I can't possibly do all that's needed myself to become an HLP. What can I delegate to other people? Ruth, pharmacist from Lancashire

    Dear Ruth,

    Becoming a HLP is a team effort with someone leading the process. Being an effective leader means encouraging the team and identifying what others can do to support you so you can delegate tasks to other member of the pharmacy. For example, once you have a Health Champion in store they will be able to support you by mentoring other team members and building your Portfolio of Evidence. Our HLP Toolkit takes some of the legwork, for example by providing you with an Action Plan template to help you get started.
    Jagruti at

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