Step 3. Portfolio of Evidence

Portfolio of Evidence

As part of becoming a Healthy Living Pharmacy, you must complete a Portfolio of Evidence which may be requested as part of contractual monitoring. It is therefore important to ensure information it contains is up to date and accurate.

Your portfolio may be compiled electronically or in hard copy (with a ring binder for example). Our HLP Portfolio Workbook is a practical way to collate the necessary information summarised below. The workbook and other suggested documents (highlighted below with a blue badge) are available in the HLP Toolkit.

Public Health Needs
  • Your most recent 'Health Profile'
  • Front page of website or relevant sections of local JSNA or PNA*
  • Lists of local and national events and campaigns (linked to local priorities)
  • Results of last Community Pharmacy Patient Questionnaire (CPPQ)
  • CPPE Introduction to Public Health certificates (pharmacists and pharmacy technicians)

*Joint Strategic/Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment.

Health and Wellbeing
  • RSPH Level 2 Understanding Health Improvement Award certificates
  • Other certificates for health/wellbeing training
  • Team Meeting notes
Team Leadership
  • Certificate of Leadership training
  • Your HLP Action Plan
  • 'Leader Feedback' forms
  • Guide to Brief Advice and Signposting signed copies for all non-Health Champions
Community Engagement
  • HLP Event Planners
  • Signposting Folder and Reports (from Patient Medication Records)
Commissioner Engagement
  • List of local commissioners with contact details
Health Promoting Environment
  • List of health promotion leaflets
  • HLP Monthly Maintenance Logs to show leaflets/promotion areas are checked and updated at least monthly
  • Photographs (see below)
Data Collection
  • Information Governance policy (usually from Standard Operating Procedures)
  • HLP Data Forms
  • HLP IT Declaration

Suggested photographs include:

  • Pharmacy premises
  • Consultation room
  • Consultation room computer (with IT system and Internet access) and printer
  • Healthy Living Zone
  • Health and Wellbeing noticeboard
  • Pharmacy team engaging with patients
  • External health promotion events/roadshows
  • Waste bins and recycling facilities

Remember! In addition, don't forget you also need to demonstrate you are meeting the Key Requirements

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