Step 1. HLP Key Requirements

Healthy Living Pharmacy (HLP) Key Requirements

Before starting out on the path to becoming a HLP, you must make sure your pharmacy meets the key requirements.

These key requirements are listed below:

  • Your pharmacy meets the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) Standards for Registered Premises and Standards of Conduct, Ethics and Performance
  • Your pharmacy has completed the Community Pharmacy Assurance Framework (CPAF) and meets all its contractual requirements
  • Your pharmacy has an appropriate consultation room and has provided the Medicines Use Review (MUR) service and New Medicines Service (NMS) within the last year
  • Your pharmacy has provided NHS influenza vaccinations or has referred people to other NHS flu services
  • The pharmacy actively engages people in healthcare conversations, signposts to other services and records this information

In addition pharmacies should also ensure the following:

  • All staff have access to the internet and can demonstrate how to navigate websites including NHS Choices
  • All staff wear an identification badge
  • All staff can deliver short brief advice on health matters and understand the importance of signposting

A printable copy of the HLP Key Requirements is available in the HLP Toolkit.

Remember! You must be able to prove that your pharmacy meets these requirements at all times. Your Portfolio of Evidence should contain all the necessary information.

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