Health Profile 2018 Update

Health Profile Update

Public Health England have recently refreshed the online tool (available at

As a health champion you learnt about health profiles when you completed your Level 2 in Understanding Health Improvement Course.

The health profile pulls together existing information on health in one place. It contains the data on a range of indicators for local populations, highlighting issues that can affect health in each locality. It is a requirement to have a copy of your local areas health profile in your Healthy Living portfolio.

Use the following link: to learn the changes to the health profile and how to interpret the report for your area.

These profiles are used to help local government and health services make plans to improve the health of their local population - your customers.

Take a look at the new profile for your area and update your Healthy living portfolio. Compare it to last years to see if there are any changes in your area. Is there an opportunity to engage in an activity that would contribute to improving the health of your customers?

Here is an example to get you on your way. If your local profile shows that obesity in adults is a problem then this may be an indicator that you may want to target. The most important thing in making your HL campaign a success is preparation and planning. How are you going to target your chosen demographic? By when do you want to start this? What paraphernalia are you going to use, making sure that it is reputable source (change for life, eat well plate or even couch to 5k). Not forgetting how you are going to monitor the progress of your initiative.

Good luck - click the following link to view our blog below which gives you 10 tips for top health promotion displays!

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